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Relish!/deviled eggs/baking

Christine wrote:

> being from the North, I'd rather die than eat deviled eggs with
> relish mixed into them.

ROTFL at this entire post, Christine!  Now get ready...my son-in-law from
Louisiana actually uses *sweet* pickle relish in his tuna fish
salad/sandwiches.  Just had to share that with you.  I'm a Southerner and
*love* all those Southern foods, even though I'm amazed that I can now make
excellent cornbread without bacon grease!  I certainly don't use pickle relish
(for anything).

Just to keep this (barely) on-topic, another substitute for the deviled part
of deviled eggs could be yogurt cheese. [Drain plain yogurt for a few hours
through coffee filter or cheesecloth.)  Add your usual ingredients (no! no! no
relish!) and maybe a drop of yellow food color (well it *is* fat free) and
you'll fool them all.  Can somebody think of something better to make it
yellow (let's not use saffron - too $$$$$)?  Maybe turmeric?  I think that's
yellow but what does it taste like?

Baking fatfree: I saw this on a cooking show.  The baker said adding malt
would help retain moister and lightness in a low-fat cake. She said you
couldn't taste the malt.  Unfortunately I don't know how much she used.  But
she added it along with the baking powder so I would try a tablespoon maybe?  
Would some cake baker out there experiment with this and report to us?  No I
don't bake cakes so my interest is purely intellectual.  Inquiring minds want
to know. (Well yes I do bake cornbread - only - but this is getting even
further afield for the experiments!)

Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah