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frying spices (not!)

Shell asked:

> How can I best adapt a recipe to fat free, when the initial
> instructions are to fry the various spices until they pop, etc.  I don't
> want to use a fry light spray.  Will it really make that much difference to
> the flavour if I just put the spices in?

It will make a significant difference.  "frying" the spices brings out
fabulous new flavors!  But you don't need any oil to do it.  You can "fry"
ground spices or seeds in a dry frying pan; call it "toasting" instead. 
Happens very quickly; don't let them burn; stir constantly.  By quickly I mean
only a few seconds!  Go for it!  Worth the trouble.

Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah