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for people on the run

I find that many times when cooking all the veggies cook fast, except
the onion, I like it browned!
So last week I took a lot of onions sautéed then, like usual in apple
juice.  I added the needed garlic and had enough time to make them like
I like, brown, onion marmalade.
I saved them in the refrigerator and during the week just used what I
needed of this.  Cooking was much faster!

Now a recipe I made using the above:
In the frying pan I put the above onions, while this was warming cut and
added tomatoes, then squash, and then mushrooms.  While one thing was
cooking I cut the next.  The mushrooms take the least amount of time.
So when I was finished I only had to leave the mushrooms a little and I
was done.  I even washed the cutting board and knife and was ready.
Oh I forget I added some spices - pepper, cayenne pepper and curry.
It came out very good, easy and quick.

                    Jenka Guevara (Keizer)
jguevara@xxxxxxxxxxx                     http://spin.com.mx/~jguevara
The American School Foundation     Mexico City    HS Computer Teacher
The University of Alabama, Doctoral Student, Instructional Technology