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mochi and eggs

Bev wrote:
> I LOVE mochi but never thought about melting it on top of
> something to give
> it a melted cheese texture.  I'm going to try it tomorrow.

If you put it on top, sprinkle some water on top of it. I think that's to
keep it from getting dried out. Also, if you have to cook it for a long
time, put foil on top for most of the time, and then take it off at the end
(and sprinkle on a little water) to keep the mochi moist.

As I mentioned before, I think it's gross, but I also think cheese is gross,
so I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.

On the topic of deviled eggs....PEOPLE...is no one here from the south? ;-)
I have *never* been to any of my mother's family's houses (or their friends,
for that matter -- and this ranges from S. Carolina to Virginia, mind you)
where deviled eggs *didn't* have sweet pickle relish in it. For me, that
*makes* the deviled eggs. You also have to put in a little of the juice, I'm

IN that light, I think it might be worth trying a eggless egg salad recipe,
and then puree it before adding any of the crunchy stuff, like the pickle
relish. I always liked egg salad as a kid because it my mom always made it
like her deviled eggs (with lots of mustard, not a ton of mayo, some minced
crunchy veggies, and the aforementioned pickle relish, best  when homemade.)

Good luck with the mochi, Bev!