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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #106

fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   Unless Ornish changed his plan since writing the books I
> have ("Eat More, Weight Less" and "Everyday Cooking with Dr.
> Dean Ornish"), it is NOT vegan.  Ornish includes egg whites
> and non-fat dairy products in his plan.  It's vegetarian and
> it's very low-fat, but it's not vegan.  Vegan includes no
> animal foods at all.

Boy is there EggBeaters all over my face as you can tell I am very new to this
stuff and although I did know the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian It was a
slip of the mind or perhaps I had a mental laps caused by lake of Olive Oil <g>
We are following the Ornish plan and I am using ff dairy and egg whites.  I am not
ready to try and take the family Vegan.  My daughter at 18 is having a tough enough
time with the Ornish plan.  My husband says the Dark Side calls to her.  But she
WILL come around.  At least she only eats roast turkey when she is out with
friends. ( what's a teen to do in a sub shop)
Thanks again for all the good hope and wishes.
TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
Bethany Beach, Delaware
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