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I just want to thank everyone that responded to my plea for support you
can not imagine how good it felt to turn on the computer today and read
ALL the great support I found waiting there for me it was wonderful to
find out there were other Food Nazis and how many of you have been doing
this for years .  Sure has given me a healthy dose of hope for today.
Well I better get going we are having Whole Wheat Pizza with everyone
putting what ever toppings they want. (as long as it is NON FAT that is)
so I have some chopping and prepping to do.  By the way if any of the
local school kids sell Pizza Kits as Fund Raisers the Joe Corbie Pizza
Kits have a Fat Free Whole Wheat Crust.
TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
Bethany Beach, Delaware
Homepage : http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/1669/
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