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Re: chopping vegetables

Hello...My favorites are 1) lots of cutting boards.  I like the white
ones (poly-
ethelene?).  They don't dull the knives and I can put them right in the
Also with a variety if I cut up something goopy and messy I can just
pull out
another board and continue on without having to wash up.  Also I have 2
shaped ones and I save those for the smellier things, like the onions
and garlic.
O for oval and onion.  2) lots of knives.  Fit the knife to the chopping
job.  Do
not try to do everything with one of those monster French chef knives.
I have
several different styles of paring knives...the Chicago cuttlery is
small and solid
and fits good in my hand for peeling potatoes.  Those little $1 pampered
knives are great...the blade is very fine.  I like it for mushrooms,
dates, etc.
I have a knife I bought from Tupperware called a tomato knife.  It is
with a very thin blade.  It really does work good for tomatoes and
through the skin.  The blade is too flexible for heavier work.  I
finally broke
down and bought one of those hand choppers from a party...it works good
nuts.  The children like it a lot.

I like to clean vegetables when I buy them rather than just clean a
piece of
celery or stalk of broccoli as needed.  But we, having a larger family
can use
up quite a bit of vegetables in a relatively short period of time.  I
know this
because we seldom if ever have any go bad before used.  And if the stuff
clean and ready to go we all know we are more likely to add it to the
salad or
snack on it when in a hurry.


> What do you do to making chopping vegetables easier?
> Gadgets?   Machines?   Ergonomics?
> Thanks.  Barb B