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Hi, folks,

It's so much fun to come across something completely unfamiliar on this list, 
my favorite example being the durian.  Did we ever thank our member who so 
faithfully reported her adventure months after the thread appeared?  I don't 
think so - thanks!!!

Anyway, here's what I found during a search on mochi (I had no idea what the 
stuff was, either) -

Snips from the GRAINAISSANCE web site:

<<  Mochi is a traditional Japanese food made from steamed and pounded 
glutinous (sweet) brown rice. It has an unusual chewy texture and a delicious 
taste that most everyone will love. Mochi gives vigor to the mind and body 
for activity and endurance, makes you feel very good and full, is easily 
digested and soothing to the spirit when chewed well. The Japanese believed 
Mochi was a gift from the heavens, and they left Mochi as an offering at 
shrines and ate it on festive occasions, especially New Year's Day.

<<  Mochi is easy to prepare and can be served in a variety of ways: baked, 
pan fried, or added to soups just before serving. Mochi makes great waffles 
or it can be toasted and filled with your favorite sandwich ingredients. One 
of the easiest ways to fix Mochi is to pop it in a toaster oven for about ten 
minutes at 450 degrees. Watch it puff up before your eyes!

<<  After the soft Mochi comes out of the machine, it is flattened and 
allowed to cure. Mochi gradually hardens until it becomes too hard to eat, 
but it becomes soft and edible again when you take it home and bake it.

Hmmm...now I have two new things to look for, mochi and Blue Mountain Country 
Hot Pepper Sauce (I found a fiery review of this in my travels and have to 
visit my spanish-american grocery to look for it.  Anyone ever use it?)