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eggplant carviar

This is my first post after about a month of enjoying this list.  Here 
are a few tips for Jenka regarding eggplant caviar, which I make very 

1)	I slice and salt my eggplant to draw out bitterness.  Let it 
	rest in a colander in the sink for about 20 minutes.  Then I 
	rinse it VERY well under cold water.  Grill the slices 	well 
	and peel the skin off (you can leave it in if you like) OR  
	Just pop the whole eggplant in 	the oven and roast it well 
	until it puffs up (I think about 350 for 20 should do, 
	I just watch it)...scoop out the flesh. 

2)	In a processor add:
	the eggplant
	garlic (I use lots)
	some lemon juice 
		(it helps with the texture, use as much as you like)
	a little cumin
	some cayenne
	(If you salt the eggplant at the beginning don't add salt)
	parsley or cilantro or both
3)	Whirl it all up.

I love this stuff!  No fat and lots of flavor.  Once you make it you'll 
know what you like to put in it. I personally don't use tahini, but 
it's probably traditional.  I bet tomatoes are good in it as well.  You 
could chop them separately and stir in after processing.

HTH...Cheers to all.


Mary Bozman