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RE: Cornbread and Manistee

>> No, we didn't summer in Manistee, we vacationed all the way up in the UP.
My husband and I like to camp near Nordhouse dunes, though.   Well, maybe
the relish thing isn't regional.  Both of my parents ended up growing up in
Detroit, both with relish!  Dad's mom was Canadian.  Relish was normal  in
Detroit and Ann Arbor, though my husband shocked me shortly after we married
by adding a huge amount of chopped onions to the tuna salad.  He's from
downriver Detroit.  Oh, well, we don't eat tuna any more, so one marital
controversy has disappeared!  <<

Now, the onion thing I understand! <S>  My cats get the tuna now. <s> My
husband's not veggie, so they fight over it.  Amazing how aggressive those
little stinkers become when they hear the can opener!

My mom's from Detroit, too.  Mt. Clemens, actually, where I was born.  They
fled to Sarasota, but when my dad died, my mom fled back. <S>  Too many
blue-hairs for her.  (Or "turtles" as she calls them.)

Know what I miss? Vernor's Ginger Ale.