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Hey Everybody!
	I discovered the BEST thing this weekend!  If you like and miss eating
banana creme pie, I think I stumbled on to something.  Being vlf and
usually eating vegan, I thought I'd never get to have banana creme pie ever
again.  But this weekend, I happened to eat a bit of graham cracker (not
the ff or vlf variety, unfortunately, but think the good kind would work
fine, too) and a bite a banana at the same time.  Don't even ask why I
would do such a thing, but it happened.  And it tasted like the real
thing!!!!!!!!!!  Aaaauuugghhhhh!  It was SO good, I ate an entire box of
crackers and a fair-sized bunch of bananas all by myself during the
weekend!  Yes, I know that's bingeing, but it was SOOOOOO good!  If anyone
tries this with the ff grahams, let me know how they are, okay?  


Oh, and I think you could make your own banana-graham "ice cream"
sandwiches by making frozen banana sorbet in your food processer, too.
Jeez, it's only 8:30am and already my stomach is growling!!  :-D
  Jane Smith    		   mjsmith@xxxxxxxxxx
  Special Collections Department   Pickler Memorial Library
  Truman State University	   Kirksville, Missouri