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acorn squash..a couple of ways

I live the flavor of acorn squash and tart apples..
An almost dessert
half and scoop out the seeds of an acorn squash
sprinkle pun'kin pie seasoning or apple pie seasoning (or cinnamon, 
nutmeg and ginger), a dash of salt and a squirt or 2 of "I can't believe 
its not butter" into the cavity
fill with chopped tart apple chunks and I even include a bit of nutmeats 
for add'l flavor
bake for about an hour at 300 in a pyrex dish with about an inch of water 
in it..I use a toaster oven for this..you can also use a microwave.
I also stuff the acorn squash with brown seasoned rice and pam 'fried' 
gimme lean mixed with a bit of tomato and onion, salt and pepper and bake 
as above.

If I would have known how long I was going to live, I would have taken 
better care of myself!!!!!