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chocolate pudding

I have a recipe almost exactly like the one you posted, Sharon, but without  
chocolate chips. The notes aren't mine, but I've followed their tips and  
have found that this makes awesome pudding. Not exactly guilt free, as it's  
about 200 calories for the cup, but a really wonderful treat when you just  
gotta have chocolate!!! :-)

Arthur Schwartz, NY Daily News, 9/19/1990 (really)

1 T  cornstarch
2 T  cocoa powder
2 T  sugar
3/4 c  skim milk	
1/4 t  vanilla

In a large mug (at least 12 oz) dissolve cornstarch, cocoa, and sugar
in milk.  Microwave on high for 90 sec or until mixture boils (see
below).  Stir in vanilla.  Chill in refrigerator at least 1 hour.

**  I use a pyrex measuring cup instead of a mug.  This way I can
watch that the pudding doesn't boil over.

**  It takes longer than 90 min with my microwave.  I usually nuke it
for 1 min, stir, nuke for 30 sec, stir and nuke again in three 30 min
intervals watching through the door to stop and stir when it starts to
overflow.  I want the total nuking time to be at least 60 seconds
*after* it first boils so that the cornstarch is completely cooked

**  After you've made it once or twice you can adjust the cocoa and
sugar to suit your tastes.  Eg. I find that when I use Dutch processed
(dark) cocoa, I need only 1 T of cocoa powder.