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Re: FATFREE Digest V98 #269

Jan Gordon, you graciously responded to my request that:  "Regarding
fatfree meats, this is an inappropriate topic of discussion on a
vegetarian discussion list."

Thank you.   I understand that this is a vegetarian site.  But please
understand this question is to benefit myself and a few others that are
also out there, reading this site, and enjoying all the wonderful recipes
and fantastic ideas brought up here.   After 13 years of strict
vegetarianism (3 of those years as a vegan) I have recently visited meat
products and have been surprised by my enjoyment of the
"chemical/irradiated/-free" meats (albeit in small, fat-free quantities).

I have lurked here for several months, reading and digesting much
information.   All of it is loaded with extremely excellent suggestions,
ideas and tips!  I want to thank everyone who are participating in this
newsgroup!  And thank you so much for your recipe to us all!  I am
extremely anxious to eat Creamy Yam Soup!!!! yum  !!! Thank you,
especially, Jan Gordon,  so much for being critical of my innocent
question and rebutting it with your fascinating, almost Midieval
variation of that  that age-old, most fantastic "Creamy YAM soup."  I am
so anxious to eat it, that I have avoided the vegetable stores ever

Imagine!  You have NEVER seen a true yam!  And yet, you declare with
enthusiastic gusto that all the yams sold in the USA are really sweet
potatoes.  Now, there's an informed consumer.