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Portabello mushrooms

Quoting about mushrooms in general from "GOOD FOOD" by Margaret M.

"Western scientists are now discovering that the traditional use of
mushrooms to enhance better health is, likewise, supported in fact. Some
mushrooms, including the common button mushrooms, shiitake, enoki, and
oyster mushrooms are beneficial for the immune system. Wood ears have been
found to inhibit blood clots.

 Mushrooms also provide fiber, B vitamins, and potassium. The vegetable
highest in protein next to beans and peas, mushroom's protein quality is
enhanced when served with whole grains, bread, and pasta which complement
the otherwise limited amino acids."

This book, by the way, is a great resource book for looking up almost
anything and also has a few recipes that are easy to adapt. 

Neil, I hope this helps - sorry I could find nothing specifically on the
portabello mushroom.

Patty in AZ