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ramen noodles

I just learned that Campbells has discontinued their ramen noodles,
which are the only reasonably-priced low-fat ramen noodles on the market
that  I know of.  Does anyone know of any other generally available,
inexpensive ramen noodles with low fat count?

In reply to the above post:

I know of one brand of Fat Free Ramen Noodles, the brand name is 
Tradition Naturals, 98% fat free manufactured for Tradition Foods Inc., Los
California USA. I have bought them in Canada from the Health Food Store,
they cost about 
99 cents to 1.25 a package of 2.8 ozs or 79.4 grams. There is no phone
on the package, but I guess you could find out their number and call them
see if it is available in your area.