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Sugar "Cravings"

Please let me know if there is anyone out there who can ignore it when
their sugar level takes a plunge.  One doesn't have to be diabetic (or
alcoholic) to experience a significant drop in their sugar
level--significant enough to cause physical discomfort.  Solution?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a Ayurvedic / Natural food promoter from India.The names of the 
Products I recommend are to be checked out by you and discussed with 
your physician. I am in no way connected to organisations who 
manufacture these products.

1. Kindly look for Food supplements containing the Amino Acid 
    " Alanine " . Alanine may be used for the production of glucose so 
    the blood glucose levels stabilise in the long term.

2. Contact Swansons at Toll Free 1-800-437-4148 and ask for details 
    reg. the following products.If you are satisfied with the details 
    with purchase.
a. Amino Acids Item no> #A3 SW273 containing some 100 capsules of 
    550 mg each and priced at US $ 9.95. 
b. Swanson Cactus( Nopal) Item no> #A3 SW544.They claim it controls 
    Blood Sugar. 90 capsules of 650 mg each priced at US $ 21.95.

They offer some initial purchase discounts and also some if ordered by 

Best of Luck ! Get well soon !

Milan Mehta 
Mumbai ( previously Bombay ), INDIA
Fax: 91 22 8378341
Tel: 91 22 8210025

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