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Re: FF Sweets and Oil Sprayers

Coming out of lurk mode...

Sweet tooth:
1.  Best fat-free/vegan/sweet/chewy treats:  dried dates and figs.  Try the medjool

dates and calmyrna figs from Walnut Acres (  http://walnutacres.com  )
2.  Next best:  taffy and Sweet Life candies from the Gold Mine Natural Food
Company (call 1-800-475-3663 for a catalog)
3.  Vegan, most not fat-free:  Pangea  (  http://www.pangeaveg.com )  Their
lollipops and candy drops are fat-free.
4.  Vegan/low-fat:  Chatfield's Chocolate Morsels, Wax Orchards Fudge Sauce, from
Dixie Diner ( http://www.dixiediner.com )

Of course, the above are not low in calories, so consume with caution...  ;-}

Oil sprayers:
The Misto Oil Sprayer works well, and the oil can be mixed with water, vinegar, or
other liquid to make the oil even thinner.   Sources:  Walnut Acres,  Harmony