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Hi Larry,
The best way to keep bananas for a longer time is to make sure that they  
are in a cool, dry place (not on top of the fridge) and to *hang* them,  
rather than to lay them on a flat surface or in a bowl. There are actually  
little "banana stands" built for this purpose that you can place on the  
countertop and then hang the bananas over the hook on the top. I've always  
had luck simply taking a piece of twine about 12" long, typing a knot in it  
to form a big loop, then stringing the bananas over the loop and hanging the  
loop from a cup hook under the cabinet so that the bananas are suspending  
over the counter top.

The reason that bananas will keep longer if they are hanging is that when  
they hang, the gases that are given off during the ripening process can  
escape away from the banana; when these gases are trapped in the vicinity of  
the banana, like when the bananas are sitting in a bowl, they speed the  
ripening process. That's why you can put a banana in a paper bag with other  
fruit (especially peaches and avocados) to hasten the ripening process of  
the other fruit.