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Vegetarian Times

I've been subscribing to Vegetarian Times for several years and
occasionally try a recipe or two from it.  I decided to pay more attention
to the October issue and scanned all the recipes and formatted them into
Mastercook.  Doing that made me really pay attention to the details and I
was really surprised that almost every singe recipe has oil in it.  They
always use oil to saute, so much of it is unnecessary.

When I was finished I had found two recipes that I want to make:  the black
bean chili and the shiitake spaghettini.  The brownies look good, but I can
make them fatfree using recipes from this list.  The instant family meals
will be good additions to the quick and simple cookbook that I am making.
I am a bread baker and all their breads looked good, but they all have
mucho fat and lots of calories.  I automatically cut the fat in half in
bread, but with that change the amount still seems excessive.

BTW, not all of the recipes are in the index in the back of the magazine.