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Ornish strogenoff

The reason I hated the Ornish strogenoff didn't have anything to do with the
ff sour cream.  It was the Boca burgers.  I eat them all the time but they
were totally overwhelming in this recipe.  I think it called for 6 and I
only used 4.  It was probably the smoke flavor in the burgers that made them
so obnoxious.  Since I made it, I can't even eat a boca burger anymore.  My
husband could only eat one bite; I got a little bit more than that down, but
it was a HUGE recipe that was totally wasted.

Re the the person who responded to my Knorr's bouillon complaint.  I don't
understand your message.  I wasn't asking for the product to be vegan or

I can't understand how thay can label something "Vegetarian" if it has
gelatin in it.