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Re: FF Pie Crusts

I recently tried Dixie Diners' pie crust mix.  I made my mother's apple
pie recipe (without the butter) and it turned out wonderful. The crust is
not a very flaky crust, but has a good flavor, and is not tough. I can't
remember what the fat content of the crust is (I'll try to remember to
check tonight when I get home), but this is what they say about it in
their catalog (see www.dixiediner.com). (No affiliation; just a satisifed

    We love this Low Fat pie crust mix...It's so easy to make single crust
    or 2 crust pie using this super easy mix. Just add water and either
    press it in the bottom of the pie pan, or using the recipe for top
    crusts, just spray 2 sheets of plastic wrap, and put the dough in the
    center. Place the other piece of plastic wrap on top, and simply press 
    it out to form the perfectly round size you need for the pie pan you
    are using! It's not only great for pies, but makes a super quiche
    crust, or see the apple dumpling recipe for other uses. Made from our
    organic flours and oat blends, with soy flour and Egg (Not!)TM, and a
    small amount of fructose, it's not too sweet, and not too plain - it's
    just right. It does not get hard as a rock when you bake it, or too
    soft so it soaks up your fillings. Try it, you will really like it, as
    it is easy and tasty. Animal, dairy, refined sugar free. 

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