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Vegetable Broth and other stuff

I have been using Knorr's Vegetarian Vegetable Broth (cubes) after trying
many different brands.   I loved it.  It had much more flavor than the other
After reading here about added fat, I checked the label (I had always
assumed it didn't have any).  It had only 1 gram per 2 cups of broth.  I
decided this wasn't so bad since it added so much flavor.
Anyway, one day I decide to make my own broth and looked at the ingredients
list.  I noticed the packaging was different and the fat had gone up to 1.5
grams.  I read the ingredients and it listed gelatin!  I checked an older
box I had and it didn't contain gelatin.  They had also added tons of other
icky sounding stuff.  
I was furious so I called Knorr's.  Bottom line answer -- they said that
just because it says it's vegetarian, doesn't mean it doesn't have any
animal products in it.  They said this was according to FDA guidelines.
Is this true?  This is infuriating!!!
Re Thanksgving.  Does anyone have any low-fat vegetable pot pie sort of
recipes?  A friend gave me one she says is awesome from the Sundays at
Moosewood cookbook, but it is far from low-fat, and I'm scared to put that
much time/energy/money into with non-fat dairy products and have it come out
Ramen-type noodles.  I bought some at Safeway that were in the Asian food
section.  The brand was Ty Ling and they were called Chinese noodles.  Don't
know the price, but they had .5 grams of fat per serving.  The package is
bigger than a typical package of ramen. 
BTW, they sell those Westbrae noodles someone mentioned at Bread &
Circus/Whole Foods/Fresh Fileds/Whatever.
The Ginsberg's Creamy Corn Soup in the Ornish book is awesome --- I just
made it Sunday.  It was surprisingly even better on Monday.  It had much
more corn flavor and was thicker (you may or may not find the  thicker part
better).  Everything I've tried in the Ornish book has been great EXCEPT the
mushroom strogenoff.  The dog loved it though.