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Black Soybeans and frozen

Hi All.
I, too, had never heard of black soybeans - and saw them recently on the
shelf of a store in Atlanta where I was visiting. They had about 5.5 grams
of fat per serving (1/2 cup) and unless your can with 1.5 grams of fat was
somehow defatted which they do with some dried soybeans I would be very
suspicious of the labeling. I also can't believe 12 grams of fat unless it
is for a cup of soybeans instead of half a cup. I would guess soybeans
range anywhere from 5 to 8 grams of fat in 1/2 cup. Soybeans are a good
source of Omega-3 fatty acids - so I try to add them to my diet - and the
black soybeans are certainly tastier than the yellow. And speaking of
soybeans - I just came across and bought "Edamame". They are the fresh
frozen soybean (green in color) and are 5 grams of fat for 2/3 cup of
beans. I found them in Trader Joe's but have also seen them in other whole
food markets. They might be a better alternative if you want to limit the
fat. It's like eating baby lima beans instead of using dried limas. I find
them very tasty. Hope this all helps.