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baked ramen noodles

Fatfree listserv members:
Please excuse my email if this topic has already been completely dealt with,
as I have been on vacation and have weeks worth of the digests to catch up
on.  A while ago, there was a thread about Campbell's Ramen Noodles in a cup
being discontinued.  As a possible replacement, last weekend at Costco, I
came across the following that might be of interest to those lamenting the
Campbells loss:
Right Foods
Dr. McDougall's Baked--Not Fried Ramen Noodles in a Cup
99% FatFree, Vegetarian, No Added Oil
These came packaged with some other Right Foods/Dr. McDougall's brand soups
and noodles, I think it was a package of 12 for $7.99.  The following
information was on the cup label:  phone: (650) 635-6040, email: 
drmcdougall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:drmcdougall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> , on the
web:  http://www.rightfoods.com <http://www.rightfoods.com> .  
I hope this helps.  I'm eating the Chicken Flavor (from non-meat source)
according to the label, and it tastes great.