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RE: Kale versus Taro

Hi Kim.

As another Southern Hemisphere resident, I think you'll find the
closest to kale is good ol' spinach *grin*.

Kale is also called curly kale and has a more curly leaf than
traditional spinach.  We in South Africa very seldom find spinach in
the shops - it is actually kale!

Fran Watts

"Please keep your anger - I don't want it."

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    From: Kim Mckay [mailto:kimmckay@xxxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: 02 November 1998 21:43
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    Subject: Kale versus Taro

    Hello there, I am in Wellington, New Zealand and have never
heard of Kale, but the receipes sound really interesting, I was
wondering if our Pacific Islands' Taro is a version of Kale, it is a
very hard tuberous vegetable that looks kind of like a giant potato.
It would be great to know as then I could subsitute it!.
    Many thanks
    Kiwi Kim