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I fixed a recipe called "Tofu Turkey with Stuffing" for Thanksgiving.  I
saw a spot on TV about tofurkey and this looked alot like it..kind of
like a turkey breast.  It sliced just like a breast of turkey too.  The
only thing I didn't like about it was the basting sauce that had toasted
sesame oil and soy sauce as it's base.  It make it very high in fat and
too salty for my taste.  My non-vegetarian family members tasted it and
said it was very good.  The stuffing was very tasty and the tofu shell
around the stuffing was toasted firm and had a nice texture.  If I could
just modify the basting sauce it would be wonderful.  I can't send the
recipe to the digest because of the high fat content, but if anyone
would like the recipe and could help me out with the ingredients, I
would love the assistance.  My husband did the real turkey out on the
grill and everyone who came in the house said, "Wow, the turkey smells
wonderful!"  Were they surprised when I said it was tofu turkey!
Joan in Bangor, WI where winter is just too balmy for my taste!