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Cocoa Powder and Miso

A low fat or no fat version of cocoa powder is carob powder.  You may
want it to try it for that reason.
Use it with hot liquid or dissolve serving in a bit of hot  water and
then mix with beverage.

With regards to Miso, it can be found in oriental groceries.  It is
called soybean paste and has a dark yellow color. It comes in a plastic
wrapping where you can see a large chunk of the paste.  Health food
stores carry a wide variety.  They are mixed in their fermentation with
either barley, chick peas, or rice.  I understand aging (like wine) is
important.  Health food stores carry different colors.  Light yellow, I
think is for dressings, dark yellow for cooking and dark for soups
(Don't quote me on this)

Light, Peace, Love