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Mashed-Potato Crust Pizza and Brown Bread

Thanks to all and several for the suggestions on
mashed-potato crust pizza, including Susi's pizza with
polenta crust.  As soon as I get some time to cook
again :-) I will try these and let you all know how
they turned out.

And thanks to Neil Pinkney for the Steamed Boston Brown
Bread--a taste from my childhood too, although it took
place in Philadelphia and not in Boston!  I made the
bread and we enjoyed it very much.  Mine was just a
little too much batter for the 15.5-oz. tomato can I
had prepared (see, occasionally I actually do follow
instructions), so I put it in a miniature cookie tin I
happened to have.  (Snap decision: once the baking soda
is wet, you can't wait too long, or all the rising will
take place before the bread even hits the oven and it
will slump!)  Bad idea: the tin had a tiny little
rolled rim at the top, which made it devilishly
difficult to coax the bread out.  Next time, I will
find an appropriate smooth-sided tin or mold before I

Happy Thanksgiving to all, in case I don't emerge from
lurking again before the holiday!  I, for one, am
thankful for all of you.  Even if I don't speak up very
often any more, your ideas keep my cooking interesting
and healthful.


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