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A few months ago there was a miso discussion on the list. I found a recipe
for a miso soup that sounded fantastic. Proceeded to the grocery store
("Schnucks," for those other St. Louisans on the list. Probably means
something horrid in another language...) and could not find miso.

This is a large store with all sorts of other stuff in it, but no miso. Or
maybe I was looking in the wrong section. There is an international grocery
store here that used to be called Jay Asia (I think they grew very large
recently and changed the name.) Would I find miso there? Where do others
buy it? And what "form" does it come in? Liquid? Powder? A chunk?


Beverly Brandt                        Director of Training

Tri-Tek Information Systems, Inc      St. Louis, MO
bevbrandt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx              bbrandt@xxxxxxxxxxx