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Re: Bajan Beans and habanero chiles

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:21:19  murielk@xxxxxx wrote:
> The Bajan Beans dish sounds great for a covered-dish event I need to cook
> for next weekend, but I don't live in chile country to put it mildly (if
> anything about chile can be put mildly).  Can you describe the general
> effect of habanero?   Since it's likely I'll need to substitute at the
> supermarket.... Thanks!

Habanero is a very hot chile, the hottest.  It also has a fruity
flavor.  You could substitute two serrano or jalepeno chiles.  The
fruitiness of the habanero is mostly lost in this complex dish, so add
chiles to meet your personal preference for heat.  Chiles can be
omitted for a mild dish or even doubled for hotheads.

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA