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Carbo free recipes

Hi everyone,
I was reading a post from yeaterday and also would love to get 
any fat free and low carbo food recipes. I have a chemical 
embalance that makes me clinically depressed and have resently 
heard that cuting out all carbos can help. I usually only eat 
foods that are high in carbs. I eat low fat or fatfree as much 
as I can and have loved it. But I eat baked potatoes and many 
other things that I need to cut out. Does anyone have any 
suggestions on what to eat? I don't want to rely on fruits and 
vegies only. Plus I really don't want to loss any weight and 
the lady who recommended this lost 40 lbs in a 8 months on what 
she eats and that is mostly meats. I do not eat red meat or 
seafood. So I am at a loss. Feel free to email me directly. 
Thanks, LIZ   eaw0005@xxxxxxx