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sweet potato ideas

We had a sweet potato topping thread a short while back and I cut/pasted
a few ideas into a single doc...here it is.  Though original posters are
not credited...sorry!!!

1.  simple and delicious -
slit a baked sweet potato lengthwise and top with warm creamed corn and
a sprinkle of nutmeg ! talk about good !! also, a sweet potato topped
with crushed pineapple and broiled . boiled sweetpotatos mashed with
orange juice and cinnamon added is also good ! simple but sweet ideas !
enjoy !

2.  I boil sweet potatoes along with regular potatoes to make mashed
which adds a little color and flavor.  Leftover mashed potatoes are also

good "fried" on a non-stick griddle over medium-high heat to make little


3.  Also try using mashed baked sweet potatoes in quesadillas.  My
quesadilla (stuff between two damp ff tortillas and baked until slightly

crispy) includes sweet potatoes, chipotle sauce (smoked jalapenos with
garlic and water, mostly), and a little ff cheese.

4.  I usually chop raw sweet potatoes into pieces and add it to my rice
water in the rice cooker with maybe 1/4C more water. The steam from the
cooking of the rice will cook the potatoes. Or cook rice porridge & add
pieces of steamed sweet potatoes to it.

5.  Cook and mash sweet potatoes.  Add lots of mustard seeds; this
should be really
really spicey.  Salt and pepper too, I guess.

6.  Someone said that they didn't think FF sour cream would work on
potatoes, but I have had it and love it.  Try it!  I think you'd be
pleasantly surprised!

7.  One of my favorite ways to eat them is to just slice them in 1/4"
rounds and roast them in the oven (you could BBQ them too as it's too
hot for the oven).  I put fresh ground cardamom on it and it's
wonderful...*fresh ground* being the key here.  I had bronchitis last
week, and made this with steamed brocoli for dinner...yum!

8.  My favorite are "Yammy Fries"....peel and slice sweet potatoes
so they are shaped like big fat french fries....dip in beaten eggwhite..

sprinkle with your favorite herbs or spices (chile powder is really
place on non-stick cookie sheet(spray a bit if you like with what-ever
brand of non-stick spary coating you use)...bake at 400 for about 20
This recipe is also very good with regular potatoes.

9.  Take a ww pita and cut it in half (so you end up with two flat round

pieces). Spread some ff hummus on each pita half, followed by some fresh

spinach leaves, shredded carrots and a chilled, pealed, baked sweet
potato. Put it all together and you've got one tasty sandwich. I take
one to work with me once a week. You could also add or substitute fresh
mushrooms, tomato slices, cucumber, etc.

10.  I nuke or bake my sweet potatoes and top them with Chinese 5 Spice
The powder is available in the spice department of the grocery store.