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Low carbo foods

Personally, Kirsten, I feel that we eat to much protein, but my personal
nutritional feelings aside, virtually ALL foods contain protein, even
pastas, etc.

However, scrambled tofu is one of my favorite breakfast foods.  I generally
use homemade tofu and do not have to add more flavor to it, however when I
eat "store bought" tofu, I will generally sprinkle one or two drops of dark
sesame oil on the tofu as I mush it up and fry it.

You might go onto a search engine and type tofu AND recipes in the search
box.  You'll find a gazillion recipes and ideas.

One thing of which I have grown fond is pan roasting a slice of tofu and
then, once it has cooled, sprinkling it with fresh garlic and ginger juice.
It is a veritable flavor explosion.

Recently I have switched from wheat to spelt for all of my recipes.  Today
I'm going to experiment with making angle hair pasta with just spelt and
water, ought to be a fun day in the kitchen.