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how about substituting ff cream cheese and/or ff sour cream to make your
creamed spinach?

i saute some chopped onion and garlic in water, add 1 package of (thawed,
squeezed) frozen spinach, ff cream cheese, ff sour cream, chopped red bell
pepper, cracked black pepper, and i've got great creamed spinach.

you can use it for a dip - serve with veggies,crackers, tortillas chips
etc., or i put a dollop or 2 inside a ff flour tortilla, sprinkle on some
ff cheese and  fold in half and dry fry a couple of minutes each side until
a little crispy - now i've got spinach quesadillas! you can serve these as
a an appetizer, or with rice and beans for a main course with a mexican
flair, or simply cut into wedges as a great snack  for parties. for a
dipping sauce or to drizzle over top of the quesadillas,  mix  salsa and ff
sour cream togther.

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