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Re: new to list/ vegtrn turkey

>I am new to the list but not new to the vegetarian, fat-free endeavor.  About
>a year ago my local vegetarian group sponsored a cooking demonstration in
>which the chef at a local site made special thanksgiving roll.  It was very
>reminiscent of a meateater's turkey roll filled with stuffing.  Unfortunately
>I was unable to attend and nobody bothered to take down the recipe.  Does
>anyone have a recipe for such a delicacy?  Being that turkey day is just
>around the corner, I am anxious to find this recipe.

Hello...I was just looking for a recipe for a tofu turkey last night
and the Veggies Unite website has 3 recipes, all basically the same, for
a turkey molded from tofu, and stuffing.  Sounds easy.  I found the recipe
under the holiday section/Thanksgiving if you are interested.  Also,
included with the recipe are a variety of responses from readers who
actually tried to make one themselves.

The basic idea was to take 5 blocks of water pack tofu, mash, season, press
into a collander, scoop out center, fill with stuffing, add tofu to cover
stuffing, flip over into roasting pan, baste, bake, baste, bake etc.  Some
people even molded wings and legs to go with their turkey.  Good luck!