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Barley and Sundried Tomato Pilaf nand a Question

Peeping out of lurk mode here...Kathleen recently
posted a recipe for a barley and sundried tomato pilaf
that was very good.  Just wanted to say thanks!  I
added several cloves of garlic (I'm incorrigible in
that department).  Hubby thought it would be better as
a side dish, but then his ideal meal is a groaning
buffet table, tapas, an Indonesian rijstafel (did I
spell that right?  I've only read about it, never tried
it)....lots of little dishes.  The kind of meal no one
has time to cook unless they're paying you to do it.
:-)  So next time I'll put something with it--a green
salad or a vegetable side dish.  I thought it was great
the way it was.

Now a question: a restaurant review in our newspaper
(Chicago Tribune) featured a photo of a pizza-like dish
with a mashed-potato crust.  It looked all crusty and
golden brown, and just sounded yummy and intriguing to
me.  Anyone have ideas about how to make such a crust?
I can't imagine how one could make it so you could pick
up the thing like a pizza.  Must be fork dish, not a
finger food.

Thanks for all the great recipes lately--fatfree has
come back to life!  Hallelujah!

I'll find something of my own to post one day soon.


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