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flax seed as egg replacer

>I'd like to get the information regarding using ground flax seed as
>an egg replacer.  What do you add to the flax seed when grinding?
>How much do you use to replace 1 egg white?  Can you freeze it?  How
>long will it last in the refrigerator?

There are a couple of ways of using flax seed as an egg replacer. One
involves boiling the flax seed and using what is exuded during the boiling,
something I have never tried.

My method is to just grind up the flax seeds in the Vitamix, plain. Don't
add anything.  Then freeze the ground flax seed, as it goes rancid very
rapidly if you don't.  I use a tablespoon or so of ground flax seed to
replace one egg, and then add some extra liquid (maybe two tablespoons).

I have never had this fail to work.  I think you could probably use less
flaxseed if the fat content was a big issue. However, I usually use this to
do cakes and muffins and stuff and 1 tablespoon when split twelve ways (12
muffins) doesn't come out to be much.

I wish somebody had told me you could do this years ago, as it works great
and flaxseed is not only far better for you than eggs could ever be, it's
cheap as dirt to boot, and once it's ground and in the freezer, it's
convenient.  I also store the UNGROUND flaxseeds in the freezer as well, to
prevent rancidity, but I do that with all my nuts and seeds, since I use
them very sparingly due to their far content.