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Mint Vinegar

For <rwhoffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> who wanted to know about making mint

My grandmother used to make mint and other types of vinegar and we
always had a supply.

She would use one carefully washed sprig of mint about 6" long one of
her "vinegar" bottles and fill it with vinegar.  Her bottles were
lovely.  Theywere about 10" high, square, and about as big around as a
the small size Bromo Selzter bottle.  So that's about 2 1/2" in
diameter.  THe bottles were sterilized first and after each batch had
been used up Grandma bought new corks for the bottles.   I presume you
would use more mint if the bottles were bigger.  It needed to "STEEP"
about a month before it was used.   She also had balsamic, rosemary,
thyme, rose hips, and mixed cinnimon and clove one and some others that
I can't remember.  Oh, dill.  The dill one was great because she would
pickle eggs in it.  Sometimes she added a bit of colour to make the
collection look pretty.

Good luck