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Baked Beans

Last Friday I made a batch of vegetarian baked beans from scratch for
Memorial Day weekend--2 pounds of dried navy beans.

(1) I soaked them over night for 12 hours.  (2) Rinsed and changed the
water in the morning and boiled them for an hour; turned the heat off and
let them cool until noon.  I don't usually do this step!  (3) Then I rinsed
and changed the water again; and cooked them with onions and spices for
another hour before adding the no added salt catsup, brown sugar, etc.  I
cooked them all afternoon 5 to 6 hours!  They taste fine but they are still
firm.  I would like the beans at least a little soft.  What did I do wrong?

My other dried bean dishes turn out fine even when using tomatoe products.
Should I just put them back on the stove and continue cooking?  (They're
almost gone but this would be helpful for the next batch.)

Your suggestions and comments are really helpful.  Thanks all.