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fatfree and partners


I've been following the thread, and it sounds like there has been a lot of
reading into what you wrote -- I don't know if your fiancée expects you to
do all the cooking or not...If you really aren't able to calmly discuss
this issue, that is something you should work on. But that's separate from
the question at hand...

My boyfriend is from Wisconsin, the land of meat, potatoes, and lots of
cheese. Guess which three things are tops on my list of things I can not
eat? =-) Mike's last girlfriend was a vegetarian, but all she ate was
eggplant, the one food he can't stand. So he instantly assumed I was going
to make him eat eggplant if we ate together. This is how we worked it out:
I cook, because I hate doing dishes, and I also like having control over
what goes in my body. He does the dishes because he doesn't really mind,
and he doesn't care what he eats, as long as it has at least one of the
three major food groups (meat, potatoes, or cheese.) We get around it by
cooking separately sometimes, or by my cooking dinner, and his cooking some
meat to add to it. So I'll make "fried" rice, and he cooks some chicken to
add to it. I make stir fry, and after I finish with the wok, we throw in
some sliced beef for him. I make pasta...you get the idea. We tried the
fake meat route, and he just doesn't like it. So why should either of us be

I hope you and your boyfriend find a happy compromise as well.