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All this ragging...

First, I want to thank everybody that has given me advice thus far,
without going on about what year it is... Perhaps it's my fault, since I
did use the word "expect," when I should have used a softer word.  Yes,
you're right it *IS* 1998, but I do believe things were easier/better for
families in 1958... let's not get into a "women's lib" battle here, it's
off topic and pointless... My beliefs and my opinions put me as the one
"doing all the cooking" (as you said)... Brian is not some male shovenist
brute... and there is no "communication" problem... I wasn't asking
permission to lie... I won't intentionally lie to him.. if I made
something nofat and he ASKED if it was nofat, I would tell him... but my
question (though apparently asked wrong and very misleading) was more
about if you could TASTE the difference... if someone could tell it was
nofat by the taste... that was what I mean by "would I have to tell him."
There's preconceived notions about many things, and the MAJORITY of people
I know associate blandness with nofat foods... and just for the record, if
it came down to it, Yes, I would cook one dinner for me and another for
him.  Fortunately, thanks to some assurance and advice I got from people
that don't seem so high strung, it would seem that the aforementioned
solution will not be necessary... Thanks to all that sent sincere advice
and did not attempt to talk to me like I was a 4 year old!  It was much
appreciated and I'll keep you posted :)

Dawnn (The one in Ohio who doesn't care to cook, and guess what, she sews
and irons too!)