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suggestions for Dawn

Hi, all

Dawn, my boyfriend and I have the same dilemma that you and your SO have.  We
have simply decided that this is not worthy of bad feelings.  We use a variety
of methods, including the 'don't ask, don't tell' method as far as ingredients
are concerned.  I am sure very few SAD eaters would eat anything I made if I
announced each time, "This is made with soy and nutritional yeast."  It just
isn't functional.  As Anne stated, I have my bread-machine-made-bread and a
salad at each meal.  David and I eat things like spinach-tofu shells and
vegetable lasagna, tacos with spicy black beans and pasta with a red sauce and
beans.  He normally eats meat when we go out to eat, which is about once a
week, which I don't balk at since we both need to compromise in order for this
to work.  About once a week or so, we make spaghetti or tacos with him making
his meat mixture and me eating my bean mixture.  I love him, so we need to
compromise.  I have told him my concerns for his body and he listens and has
cut down on his consumption of meat, but I don't get on him because, after all,
it is his body.  Most people think that my eating habits are beyond weird, so I
am not about to judge anyone else.  Anyway, Dawn, my point here is that you do
need to decide which meals both of you would be willing to eat and then decide
how you can break them down into meals you can cook alone and which ones you
will need help from him on.  Slowly add to it so he doesn't feel his base is
attacked and you can still really experiment with your lunches and a couple of
meals a week.

Hope this helps.  Hang in there.  It seems horrible at the beginning, but
remember that a compromise is possible.