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Tofu lasagna & Just starting out

For Jan Bennicoff was is looking for tofu in lasagna recipe, I've made the
following recipe (from the archives) both with lasagna noodles and
manicotti. It tasted the same. Once I used a combination of low-fat ricotta
and 1/2 amount of tofu and then made it with all tofu. My husband and
daughter both ate seconds (of course, I didn't tell them is had tofu in it;
but, then again, they didn't ask!)

Spinach manicotti   JHEINEMAN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 box manicotti tubes, al dente, set aside	
1 cube low-fat tofu
1 bunch fresh spinach, cleaned		
1.5 cup onion, chopped
.5 mushrooms, chopped			
3 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped
2 tablespoons of cumin			
Good sauce to cover these 

Microwave spinach in covered bowl with some water to quick steam for a
couple of minutes. Drain and chop. Put chopped onions, mushrooms, and garlic
in glass bowl and microwave for couple of minutes to soften and infuse
flavors. Blend tofu and spinach and mix into vegetables.  Add cumin and
blend. Add some sauce to bottom of pan to prevent sticking.  Stuff shells
with tofu mixture.  Spread with sauce.  Top with FF parmesan cheese. Bake
350 for 35 min.
[Bette's notes: I food-processed the tofu and ricotta. Then added the
mixture to defrosted chopped spinach and other vegetables. If your family
doesn't like spinach, it's probably a good idea to process the spinach with
the tofu and cheese.]

For Dawnn R. Scott who is just starting out and wants to know what to tell
her soon-to-be husband about what he's eating.  Based on my experiences with
my meat-and-potatoes husband, I subscribe to the Clinton administration's
policy of "Don't ask, don't tell."  If he doesn't ask, I don't tell. Seems
to work out ok and if I can get him to eat some FF stuff this way, he's
ahead of the game. I don't feel guilty, because I'm doing my part to keep
him healthier than he would be if he ate meat 7 days a week (which is just
what he would like to do!).