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No subject given

     ear All
     I have been a member of this list for a while and find it great and 
     this is the first time I have sent a message.  I am from Melbourne, 
     Australia and was wondering if there are any other Aussies out there 
     who may know of some Australian Fat Free or Vegetarian type lists and 
     also are there many FF or good vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne.  I 
     am not complete vegetarian but only have perhaps m**t on an odd 
     occasion and try and stay as fat free or low fat as possible.  Some of 
     the recipes on the list are great although some of the ingredients I 
     am unable to purchase in Australia.  Hoping to here from someone soon 
     either personally or on the list.  
     My email address is nicky.parris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     See ya  Nicky