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Utah (skiing) lodging recommendation

If anyone is looking for a great skiing vacation with wonderful 
VLF food, I recommend the Rustler Lodge in Alta.  A little pricey 
(alas) but both my SAD husband and I agree it was one of our best
vacation spots ever.  Breakfast & dinner is included, and they had told
me they can accomodate any dietary need .... I was rather sceptical to
say the least, but they had a great ski-in & out location, a children's
program, and an outdoor pool (a requirement for my 7yo :-) so we decided 
to go there.  When we got there, we saw that the location, pool (and 
jacuzzi :-), and the service was just as great as we had wished for.  
They even offered yoga/stretch classes.  But would I be able to eat???

First evening I asked for and marked up a standard vegetarian menu plan
(so I could say things like no pesto, no nuts, no avocadoes, no oil, etc).
This had been suggested by the reservations person.   There were daily
main courses and also alternatives offered that were all vegan but not
always LF, although it did have choices like plain potato, brown rice, 
and steamed vegetables.

The second day the chef talked to me to make sure he understood what I 
could eat (I gathered not too many vegetarians had ever said no to pesto).
I ate *delicious* VLF vegan fare most of the week, exceptions being a clear 
seafood consomme and a chocolate dessert that I chose to have, but it was 
an informed choice... the servers and the chef clearly understood what 
vegan/vegetarian meant, although not VLF until I asked for it.  They did 
a great job cooking VLF though, with lots of variety..... only had pasta
with veggies once and that was a great rendition, which I would have been 
happy to eat several times!

BTW my husband highly endorses the SAD menu also.

And thanks to those of you that helped me with SLC info.  Our day in SLC 
we ate at the Garden Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Building.  Very nice 
setting, and we really enjoyed the view!  The food was not bad either, 
although perhaps a little pricey for the serving sizes.  We would never
have known there was a nice restaurant in the building if I hadn't had
the recommendation.