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family-sized portions

> Don't worry about family sized portions - that just means you don't have
> to cook for a few days!  Most recipes are pretty easy to cut in half, too,
> or to double so that you use the whole grapefruit... It truly is a pain to
> juggle in a strict diet to a busy lifestyle (trust me - I know how you
> feel), but it's worth it.  And pretty soon it gets very exciting, as you
> experiment with new foods, spices, flavorings, etc.  Course, you have some
> pretty bad meals a few nights when an experiment goes wrong and you don't
> have time for anything else...

Something about this message disturbs me.  (This is not meant as a
criticism to the poster, by all means!  Also, I hope this isn't outside the
limitations of what can be posted; I personally think it is relevant
because we're discussing eating patterns, and the lifestyle changes
necessary to change those eating habits... much like making the transition
to FF eating...)  First, Gloriamarie specifically said she didn't want to
have to worry about family-sized portions because that can lead to
overeating.  But furthermore, whether the meal is bad or not, who wants to
eat the same thing a few nights in a row, over and over?  It's one thing if
it's something you really love, and therefore once in a while.  But making
a habit of eating repetatively week after week can also lead to problems.
Maybe this isn't making sense, but if when you cook (say, twice a week),
you KNOW you'll have nothing different for the next four days or so... it
just gets monotonous.  And then there's more of a tendancy to rely on
'convenience' foods, which can be very unhealthy, just to have something
different.  Food should be something exciting, I agree.  But it should also
be something you can look forward to.  The experimentation IS fun and
exciting, and it should be enjoyed every night, not twice a week.  And I
don't think just because someone's cooking for one they should have to eat
the same thing for days in a row.  I think Gloriamarie is right to want to
adapt her diet to her lifestyle, not her lifestyle to her diet.  Just my
two cents, no offense intended; feel free to agree or disagree...