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FF: again thanks and a question

Again and again and again, how very grateful i am for all of your emails
with ideas, book suggestions, ph #'s, web sites.   I have tried to send all
of you a personal acknowledgement...one of my pet peeves on lists is
sending inforquested and then seeing only a general thank you claiming that
there were too many to respond to individually...my feeling is that if a
person can take the trouble to write to me personally, then I can certainly
spare the time to thank you privately and personally...

Many of you have suggested the purchase of a rice/veggie steamer....I was
curious, which brands would you recommend or not...Last month I discovered
an Zoijirushi (spelling???) bread machine that had all the features I
wanted at Costco.  I determined these by reading your posts for only
$69.77, which sure is cheapoer that the $135 or so I have seen it in

While there I looked at the rice and veggie steamers...I believe there was
a Panasonic and something called a Tiger and a third one..with a wide
variety of prices....But I would be very grateful for your opinions about
features you like and those you dislike.

I have to admit, that I make extensive use of the microwave but I don't
really like the way the way veggies cook in it.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, whose is pretty darned sure all
her complaints about the perfect weather out here have caused El Nino...and
you know what....as soon as I made this confession in my sig we had a
return the very next day to San Diego Perfect Weather, so it MUST be true.
I CAN control the weather!!  Pretty far out!!

How do I set my laser printer on stun?