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>Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:44:24 -0500
>From: Iris Farroni <nurseiris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: meat substitute
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>First let me say that this is a wonderful site with lots of good
>information.  I recently read of a product that was originally only
>available via mail order but recently was to be released to HFS.  Have
>been unable to find it.  The article had a 800 number but I misplaced
>it.  I belive the product was called Beef - Free.  Can anyone help me
>with the number and if you have used it, how is it.  Appreciate all the
>help I can get. Keep up the good work.

I think you are looking for the Beef Not Products. Thier number is
800-233-3668. I just got the new Catalog and got their new web site
address, http://www.dixiediner.com  I used this to order on line as they
have most of the catalog on this site.