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FF: Portabella Mushrooms

>A local veggie market has big boxes of portabella mushrooms on sale,
>5 pounds for $7.99, a great bargain. if I got a box, what could I do
>with it?

Wow oh wow oh wow, go for it!!!  Granted you would have to do something
with them fast!!  Cook and freeze, perhaps?  I was also thinking that maybe
you could slice them very thinly and dehydrate them in a very very slow
oven?  Somewhere I have some instructins about how to do that and I will
look for them.

I sure wish I could stumble across such a bargain around here.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, celebrating the Return of
Perfect Weather.  Come and enjoy it with me!!

 The trouble with life is, you're half way through it before you realize
it's a "do it yourself" thing.